Fall is a great time to experiment and have fun with container gardens as well as plant perennials that will bring you joy for seasons to come!
Fall Planters
This is a great time of the year to Incorporate different colours and textures using perennials or cold-loving annuals with autumn accents like mini-pumpkins or gourds and branches, sticks or log rounds. But before diving in, take stock of what is already in your pots and just plan to replace the summer annuals that won’t survive cool temperatures. Of course perennials can stay in your container pots, especially grasses or shrubs.
When you are ready to pick out some fall plants to fill in your pots be sure to think about creating eye-catching designs. Ornamental kale or cabbage are always winners but also consider perennials like lambs ear, sedum or hardy herbs. And of course, pop in some festive fall annuals like mums, pansies, asters and zinnias. Keep in mind your fall plants won’t have much time to fill in, so tuck them in close together. This time of year, you can either choose to stay with one or two colours for a classic autumn look, or go all out and make it a fall planter fiesta.
Fall Gardening 
Fall is actually the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials as they will be able to establish strong root systems and be ready to flourish come spring. Cooler temperatures send a message that it is time to start going dormant because winter is coming so plants steer their energy from leaf, flower and fruit production into root growth and fortification. And since the soil temperatures stay warm longer than the air, it’s an ideal time for the roots to develop. Once planted keep well-watered until they die-back and then cover fall perennial plantings with a thick layer of mulch to insulate them from the winter and ensures that they will be ready for spring. And don’t forget the bulbs! Spring-blooming bulbs need a cool dormancy period in order to thrive and bloom in the spring – making it essential to include them on your fall planting plan.
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