If you’re like us you’re itching for Spring to arrive, the promise of warmer temps (and hopefully more freedom) seems to flicker on the horizon. One of the main harbingers of Spring is the ability to get back out in the garden and work the soil. Though everything is still very frozen right now it won’t be long until you can don the rubber boots and head out trowel in hand. An early project to consider is the planting of Summer flowering bulbs. These can be planted after the threat of  heavy frost has passed and will reward your labours with gorgeous Summer blooms. Here are some simple tips to follow when planting:

  • When buying bulbs, look for tubers with three to five eyes and initial root formation. Look for firm and healthy bulbs, think of fresh garlic in the grocery store vs. that bulb that got lost in the spice cabinet.
  • A good rule is to plant the bulb or tuber about 5 inches deep, except for dahlias and begonias, which should be planted just beneath the surface. Plant them with their tips facing upwards and cover them with loose well aerated soil mixed with peat
  • Once your bulbs have finished blooming, they can often be used again the following year. Dig them up and store them in a cool dry place in a paper bag.
  • Buy now. Everyone is gardening crazy right now and stock is limited everywhere, consider ordering soon to avoid disappointment when it’s planting time.

Great bulbs to plant this Spring include varieties of:

  • Lilies
  • Dahlias
  • Peonies
  • Crocosmia
  • Hardy Begonias
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