April 2019

Easter Symbols and their Origin

It’s one of the most cherished of Easter traditions, painting and the hiding of Easter Eggs. These “magical” eggs hidden of course by yet another prominent symbol of the season, the Easter Bunny. Though you won’t find them in the Bible these symbols have been celebrated for centuries.  It is reported that the Easter bunny was introduced to America by the German immigrants who brought over their stories of a magical egg-laying Hare. Rabbits are …

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What is Sea Compost and why should YOU be using it?

Are you flexing your organic gardening muscle this year? Like many you will want an organic option to fertilize and re-mediate poor soil conditions without having to add harsh chemical fertilizers. Sea Compost is a great option, because it contains shrimp it will provide a great source of calcium which helps to create stronger cell walls. Why does this matter? Think blossom end rot, yucky weak walls and black spots. Sufficient calcium in the soil …

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