• Use a slow-release fertilizer to maintain a green lawn. It won’t yield instant results but will maintain the colour and health of your lawn over the season.
  • Spot train pets. If you have a dog you’re likely going to have some damage to your lawn. Teach Fido to use one area or even create a gravel patch and reward each time your pet uses the space! Eventually (with treats) they should learn to use it every time.
  • Work the soil. Healthy soil is the foundation of a great lawn. Aerating and composting helps improve the condition, and helps to turn struggling sod into a lush green oasis.
  • Cut high. Even though cutting short may seem like a time saver it will rob your lawn of natural protection from the elements.4 inches is the perfect height for healthy grass.
  • Water. Don’t over or under water, about an inch per week is the perfect amount. Water in the morning so it has time to evaporate throughout the day. A little more in hot times, a little less in cooler weather.
  • Use corn gluten meal as a natural herbicide and lawn fertilizer. It is used most frequently as a natural pre-emergent herbicide for turf grass and organic crops.
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