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A vertical garden is a great way to expand your foot print of growing space and allow you to expand your green space, whatever the size of your property. A trellis system for vegetables also makes them easier to harvest as well as prevents insects and other pests from crawling into your plants. Trellising also reduces the risk of disease on all plants with better circulation and can provide shade for other plants. And training […]

Annual flowers are an ideal way to add a splash of colour to your garden all summer long as they will bloom throughout the season and are available in bright vibrant colours. In order to keep them blooming as much as possible, it is always important to choose the right location for planting, water well and feed often and keep them groomed. Follow these simply tips for annuals that will be the envy of neighbours, […]

With rising food costs and a better understanding of the fact that eating the right food can better our health, there is no time than the present to start your own vegetable patch! It is an investment that will not only pay dividends in saving you money and eating healthier, tending your garden is also a great form of exercise and can improve your mental health. So start planning for a vegetable garden this summer […]

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