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Create your very own unique Christmas Urn All materials and urn included. For more information please email info@ridgeviewgardencentre.com BOOK NOW

As we step into fall, we need to start thinking about winterizing our gardens and in particular need to make the effort to tidy our vegetable garden beds makes it easy to begin growing the following spring. Not only is this just good housekeeping for improved aesthetics in your backyard but it also cuts down on the spread of pests and plant diseases. Simply follow these simple steps and you’ll be ahead of the game [...]
Fall arrangement

Fall is a great time to experiment and have fun with container gardens as well as plant perennials that will bring you joy for seasons to come! Fall Planters This is a great time of the year to Incorporate different colours and textures using perennials or cold-loving annuals with autumn accents like mini-pumpkins or gourds and branches, sticks or log rounds. But before diving in, take stock of what is already in your pots and just […]

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