With the snow we’ve been experiencing garden beds are now certainly firmly settled into winter. Though our primary season might be over there’s still lots to do outside and inside.

  1. Any tools should now be cleaned and oiled to prevent rust
  2. If rabbits and mice are a problem wrap your trees and shrubs with chicken wire – make sure to take it as high as expected snowfall
  3. Water evergreens, shrubs and newly planted trees, once the ground freezes that’s their source of water until it thaws in the spring
  4. Ensure to knock off any heavy snow from branches and shrubs as the weight can permanently damage the limbs, however any ice should just be left to melt naturally as it’s too damaging to break it off
  5. Top up bird feeders – there’s not to much for our avian friends when the landscape is covered in snow
  6. Monitor your garden in these harsh winter months to help you plan for next year; windswept areas showing? It might be a good place to add a shrub next year for protection
  7. Get lawn equipment serviced, you’ll beat the spring rush and may be able to negotiate a better rate
  8. Remember to clean the foliage of your indoor plants, they need all the limited winter light they can get
  9. Set up a miniature garden inside! You can create entire landscapes using small indoor plants, terrariums even herbs. The possibilities are endless and can add life to your interior spaces.
  10. Imagine the garden you’d like to have, begin to plan this future space.
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