I find at this time of year bare spots start to appear in the garden. As spring’s tulips fade out and summer’s flowers have not arrived it really shows spaces not bursting with colour. This has always been the perfect opportunity for some hardy annuals. There’s an annual out there perfect for that bare patch in your garden. They’ve come a long way from just your standard marigold, with thousands of varieties out there we thought’d we’d provide some suggestions for your garden depending on exposure, desired aesthetic and maintenance level. It’s a little show and tell from Ridgeview Garden Centre.

Natural Setting & Part Shade

In the centre space we’d like to see, Agertum – a light blue/purple flower, compact and dense paired with Dusty Miller in the front space.

Or use Torenia, also a compact flower that comes in a variety of colours with a small yellow centre as an all over colour.

Add real drama with the addition of Salvia in the centre and Euphorbia as a border.

Full Sun & Elegant Structure

A great way to infuse some additional colour and drama to this space would be adding double bloom petunias to the rear of the bench with white alyssum border.

Or my personal favourite, Coleus!! It comes in so many different colours and varieties. I find it grows aggressively in our region and if placed in the ground will become an impressive plant. Especially if you find that your garden lacks dimension, Coleus has markedly different leaf shapes depending on the genus and colours are very rich.

As you can see these are only two small examples. If you have an empty space in your garden, send us a picture we’ll provide a recommendation custom to your style and requirements.

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