It’s finally time to start seeing some colour in the garden! Early this time of year if you planted bulbs last fall you’ll begin to see them emerging from the soil. But if you didn’t plan ahead last year and are still craving some spring interest all is not lost here are some tips to bring in the season in style.

Add Spring Flowering Shrubs or Trees
If you’re looking for a quick solution with quick impact many spring flowering shrubs and trees are all ready blooming and ready to be planted.
Some winning shrubs include:

  • Helleborus, which have flowers resembling wild roses which can flower in very early spring through the snow.
  • Forsythia, a popular mainstay in the spring garden with bright yellow flowers which begin in April and last until mid-May.
  • Lillac, with full sized and dwarf varieties to suit any space Lilacs bring colour and fragrance to your garden.

Outstanding tree options include:

  • Eastern Red Bud, a flowering tree that actually appears much more fuchsia than red this early bloomer will delight all season as the flowers give way to light green heart shaped leaves.
  • Magnolia is one of the most romantic of spring flowering trees with it’s heavy waxy petals and magnificent fragrance delighting any gardener with one in their garden.
  • Cherry Trees are another local favourite and there is no short supply of varieties, look for unique options such as the Kwanzan Weeping Cherry or Higan Cherry.

Add Dimension with Hardscaping
Paver walks, the stone walls, the arbors, the fences, the benches and the other non-plant features of the landscape, they’ll add interest all year long.

Container Gardening
Perfect for this time of year as their mobility allows you to bring them inside if weather proves unfavourable. Add pussy willow, forsythia branches or birch for hardy height (thrill) and pansies, primula or ranunculus for fill and ivy will tolerate a cold snap for spill.
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