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Sour Cherry Concentrate

With the myriad of synthetic drugs flooding our world, there is a growing call for natural alternatives. Common complaints and quickly medicated ailments are; muscle & joint soreness, osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia pain. Sour cherry concentrate can be a useful alternative to traditional anti-inflammatories. It is also indicated in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, and insomnia. Further it’s been fabled to improve exercise performance, increase urine production, and help digestion. So how does …

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Fall Lawn Care

Here are our tips to ensure a greener, less labour-intensive lawn next Spring. Clean Up Rotten leaves wasting away on the surface of your lawn are going to cause a few problems. Not only will the grass underneath die due to suffocation, but infected leaves left on the ground will simply re-infect the plants from which they fell. If any showed signs of disease last season don’t even bother trying to compost them. They should …

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Why fall is a great time to plant

As Canadians we get really excited come spring time. After a long cold winter we want to get our hands in the ground and start planting like mad people, filling our gardens with any colour we can get our hands on. Oddly this could be considered counterproductive as planting in the fall yields many benefits. As summer heat cools off it makes way for two cooler damper growing seasons (Fall & Spring) before the blazing …

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Canning and the Home Garden

If you’ve ever had a vegetable garden you know that harvest does not happen in nice meal sized bunches. Instead you are often left with a massive bounty that no one family could ever consume and your neighbours start to hide for fear of being given another bushel of whatever you’re toting. For this reason a good system for preserving food is critical. Canning covers two preservation methods but either way it’s a method of …

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Butterfly vs Moth – The Showdown

First of all let’s start with the primary differences between moths & butterflies and then we can chat about why we heavily favour the latter. Anatomy Butterfly wings fold vertically up over their backs, moths make a little ten to cover their bellies. Colour is likely the most obvious with the moths being pretty blasé while their cousins the butterflies get all the glory. Here’s your $50 word for the day – Frenulum. Does that …

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