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Tip #1 Start with a Strong Foundation With all the upcoming rain in the forecast it’s a great time to add valuable soil and seed to the surface through overseeding. Rake thoroughly and aerate the lawn. Spread a thin layer of quality soil such as Scotts Lawn Soil and then a good coated grass seed blended over top. Water regularly (assuming it’s not raining!) Tip # 2 Fertilize  Existing lawns that just need a little
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With the recent announcement from the Premier and the new Stay at Home Order – we have reinstated certain adjustments to our operations policies.  As always our deep concern for the health and safety of our customers guides our practice. Effective immediately there will be only 1 person at any time allowed into the store. Others are requested to wait outside behind the pylon providing a 2 meter distance between yourself and the next customer.
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Spring has finally arrived and the desire to fill up our outdoor containers with pops of colour and greenery is at a level 1000. After a long dreary winter, it is exciting to see things begin to grow again, albeit not fast enough! Here are tips for some cold hardy planters. Most can take a light frost, just keep in mind no plant enjoys long periods of freezing so if we get a long stretch

March 7, 2021

Tips for Planting Summer Bulbs

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If you’re like us you’re itching for Spring to arrive, the promise of warmer temps (and hopefully more freedom) seems to flicker on the horizon. One of the main harbingers of Spring is the ability to get back out in the garden and work the soil. Though everything is still very frozen right now it won’t be long until you can don the rubber boots and head out trowel in hand. An early project to
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December 8, 2020

Christmas In Store at Ridgeview!

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Poinsettia 4.5″ pot     Red, Pink, Ice Crystal    $4.99 or 3/$12.99 6″ pot        Red, Pink, Burgundy, Ice Crystal, Red Glitter  $9.99 or 3/$27.00 8″ pot        Red, Red Glitter  $24.9 10″ pot      Red, Tri Colour  $34.99 Red Pink Tri-Colour Glitter Ice Crystal Planters 7″ Planter    Deco Pot     19.99   11″ Planter   Glitz Bowl    24.99   15″ Planter    Oval Pot     29.99
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