May 27, 2022

Starting a Vegetable Garden

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With rising food costs and a better understanding of the fact that eating the right food can better our health, there is no time than the present to start your own vegetable patch! It is an investment that will not only pay dividends in saving you money and eating healthier, tending your garden is also a great form of exercise and can improve your mental health. So start planning for a vegetable garden this summer
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April 28, 2022

Planting The Perfect Cedar Hedge!

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Cedar hedges are one of the best ways to enhance your garden views, add a buffer to a building or provide privacy for outdoor living. When planning to add a hedge to your property be sure to consider the type of cedar, in Central Canada the native White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is the go to choice for growing a healthy hedge. It is also important to take into consideration the optimal location of your new
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April 23, 2022

Spring Container Planting

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Spring has finally arrived and the desire to fill up our outdoor containers with pops of colour and greenery is at a level 1000. After a long dreary winter, it is exciting to see things begin to grow again, albeit not fast enough! Here are tips for some cold hardy planters. Most can take a light frost, just keep in mind no plant enjoys long periods of freezing so if we get a long stretch

March 28, 2022

Garden Soil

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Soil is remarkably dynamic and incredibly diverse, made up of not only mineral matter, but organic matter, water and air as well. Soils in the Niagara Region are a mineral-rich mix of sand, gravel, loam and clay which at times can be challenging for home gardeners. While some parts of the region that are rich in loam are a gardener’s dream – those areas with heavy dense clay can be frustrating for even the most dedicated of
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December 1, 2021

Christmas Flora Steeped in Tradition

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  I often wonder about why certain plants become embedded in holiday traditions. Undoubtedly the most celebrated in our neck of the woods is the Christmas Season which has no shortage of plants woven into its celebrations. Why do we cut Christmas trees? Adorn our tables with Pointsettias or kiss beneath the Mistletoe? When did this start and who did it first? So with that, I was off, my fingers dancing their way through the
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