Is your garden looking little one dimensional? Lacking that je-ne-c’est quoi? One of the most tried and true methods to adding depth to an outdoor space is the incorporation of a landscape stone feature.

Stone Pathways

Loose stone paths are easily installed a rough or smooth garden path is a great way to divide garden areas, or create direction to a focal feature such as statuary or a bird bath. Rough materials such as crushed granite chips or lava rock tend to compact more over time whereas smooth stones such as river rock or pea gravel will migrate more with use.

Larger Flagstone paths are eye catching and masonry skills are not required, as long as you have a strong back and an eye for puzzles. They wear well over time and naturalize beautifully in an english style garden bed.

Stone Fire pits

Depending on your municipal fire bylaws it a stone fire pit might be a good option. From a purely aesthetic sense they add height, levels and visual interest. But most importantly they create gathering spaces, drawing people outdoors to spend time together roasting marshmallows or just enjoying the warm glow. Brick, Flagstone and even river rock can be used to build various different styles. There are countless different online tutorials that will help you build the best pit for your paradise.

Stone Borders

River rock, gravel, white marble, potato stone and so many more types of stone can be made into stylish garden borders. Digging a low trench for the bottom layer of stone will ensure more of a barrier between your beds and the ever encroaching grass line. Borders can be low with the top of the stone at grade level, or to create even more depth build raised beds at different heights.

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