The History of Valentine’s Day

I’ve often wondered about the history behind certain holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In the spirit of the season let’s review the history of this amorous occasion. Legend says that it originated in third century Rome, when the Emperor of the era decided that young single men were better for war than love and promptly banned marriage. A young priest named Valentine continued to marry couples in secret. When discovered the Emperor sentenced …

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Daffodils & Deer Resistance

One thing that always comes to mind with the recent flash of cooler weather is Spring! Wait, what?? Am I skipping winter? Mentally yes, I love fall, but winter…. not so much. The nicest thing about winter is that it leads to Spring. The first colours in Spring make all the cold temperatures worth it. A standard favourite in every garden is the classic Daffodil, a perennial favourite it rewards the garden with one of …

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Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day is one that you’ll never forget and for all the planning it entails, we all pray for a happy event. One of the most beautiful elements of this special day are the flowers that will decorate the church, hall and your hands. From floral stanchion arrangements, to bouquets or centrepieces you want the flowers to look perfect with your dress and decor. There’s more than just the aesthetics, there’s the meaning behind …

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