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Butterfly vs Moth – The Showdown

First of all let’s start with the primary differences between moths & butterflies and then we can chat about why we heavily favour the latter. Anatomy Butterfly wings fold vertically up over their backs, moths make a little ten to cover their bellies. Colour is likely the most obvious with the moths being pretty blasé while their cousins the butterflies get all the glory. Here’s your $50 word for the day – Frenulum. Does that […]

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How Aphids are Causing your Wasp Problem

I must admit there aren’t many pests I hate more than wasps. Frankly they are the jerks of the animal kingdom. Unlike their peace loving, pollinating friends the honey bees, wasps seem to want to invade your personal space get up in your grill and instigate until you inevitably swat at them and “A-HA!” they now have just cause to sting you, which they often do and with vigor. So much of my garden pest

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Deterring Skunks & Racoons

Personally I think skunks and racoons are pretty cute. I am less than fond of them however when they are ripping up my lawn. Considering my previously mentioned affinity you can appreciate why I’d rather not posion them. Here are some tips that will still work to expel vermins without extiguishing them. Chocolate Bait Chocolate is toxic to some animals, including skunks and raccoons. Not dead toxic, just sick toxic. Put out some tempting chocolate

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Slug Control

It’s hard to believe my garden is already suffering slug damage, but alas it is so. The Hostas are always the first to show their battles scars but I know further chewed leaf damage is imminent if certain preventative measures are not taken. Here are a few of my favourite controls.   Beer traps: What a way to go! The slugs are attracted by the fermentation gasses of beer. Ales, Stouts and Guinness are best.

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Dormant Oil and Lime Sulphur

I often consider this combination to be the first line of defense against a season full of pests. I use it throughout my garden on fruit trees, flowering ornamental trees & roses. These are the plants most suited for a Dormant Oil treatment though its unlikely to harm surrounding evergreens, though overuse on Spruce has been known to effect their colour. Adjacent tender leafed plants should be covered to protect from overspray. The oil will

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