The importance of Calcium for Tomatoes & Peppers

It’s funny how often we hear commercials for women’s facial creams that promote increased cell structure, volume and elasticity. This is what’s sold as needing improvement for your most  youthful skin. Well, let me tell you; what Oil of Olay does for skin, calcium does for your Tomatoes and Peppers. Scientifically, calcium shows significant effect on the mechanical properties of artificial cell wall materials, making them more extensible. So, what does that mean? Imagine this;

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COVID-19 Policy Update

Dear Valued Patron, At Ridgeview, the health and well-being of our customers, employees and community remains top of mind as we navigate the new normal of COVID 19. We understand the concern around the coronavirus and we are constantly monitoring the latest news and following the advice from various government and health authorities on how best to protect our customers and our team.  We can assure you that we take the responsibility very seriously. As

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How Aphids are Causing your Wasp Problem

I must admit there aren’t many pests I hate more than wasps. Frankly they are the jerks of the animal kingdom. Unlike their peace loving, pollinating friends the honey bees, wasps seem to want to invade your personal space get up in your grill and instigate until you inevitably swat at them and “A-HA!” they now have just cause to sting you, which they often do and with vigor. So much of my garden pest

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Father’s Day Origin and Attention

Do you ever wonder where a day like Mother’s or Father’s Day comes from? For Father’s Day thanks can be directed to Sonora Smart Dodd, the woman who founded Father’s Day in the early 1900’s. As a widower he raised her and her four siblings alone after their mother’s passing in childbirth. Clearly this unique relationship fostered deep reverence for her father and when he passed, she felt the need to honour him and other

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