Levels of Organic and what they mean to YOUR Family

Organic is confusing. There I said it. You see Organic Certified, Made from Organic Ingredients and varying percentages of Organic splashed all over packaging. Which is the right choice? Is one SO much better than the other it’s worth more? What about growing food at home? What about this process renders food organic? Or does it? Well here’s your answer….. It depends. HA! What’s the difference between organic and non-organic foods? The difference between organic […]

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Why is May 24 NOT on the 24th?

It seems strange that each year we look forward to a holiday coined May 2-4, that rarely occurs on the 24th. It’s never late, but always early and this got me wondering….WHY? Time for bit of a Her-story Lesson. This holiday is properly known as Victoria Day (not May 2-4) and is in celebration of the British queen Victoria who was born on May 24, 1819. She was a reigning monarch for 63 years, seven

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Mother’s Day Brunch

Let’s be honest for minute. Mom’s are the best! They take care of us, feed us and clothe us, ensure our noses are clean… you get the picture. Then later in life when we grow up and have our own children we appreciate them even more. My mother made entertaining look effortless, nice china, silverware, appetizers and cocktails for all. This has made me a bit of stickler for presentation, and every dinner party I

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Easter Symbols and their Origin

It’s one of the most cherished of Easter traditions, painting and the hiding of Easter Eggs. These “magical” eggs hidden of course by yet another prominent symbol of the season, the Easter Bunny. Though you won’t find them in the Bible these symbols have been celebrated for centuries.  It is reported that the Easter bunny was introduced to America by the German immigrants who brought over their stories of a magical egg-laying Hare. Rabbits are

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UPDATE: New Location is a GO!

As Ridgeview begins 2019 we reflect on the momentous changes that have happened in the past 12 months and look forward to our growth in the coming year.  As many of you know this past season marked the beginning of our store moving strategy, accompanied by a full-term clearance event. The reasoning behind the store moving was to make room for the new high school that is being built at the current garden centre location.   It may come as

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