It’s hard sometimes to look at your bountiful garden and imagine chopping off some of their beautiful blossoms. Some lucky gardeners have the space to grow a cutting garden but even your standard garden will produce a number of flowers suitable for arrangements, it’s all about creativity! The key to cutting your flowers and not losing the plant in the process is careful planning and the right tools. Ensuring that your snips are clean and sharp and cut early in the morning or late evening. A happy healthy plant will bounce back more quickly so try and schedule a fertilizing shortly before your planned trim.

Standard vases are classic but when it comes to vessels the sky’s the limit. Low square glass dishes, teacups, wine glasses and urns if it holds water it can be the base for a unique display. Look around local flea markets or antique stores to find something that speaks to you, then get started.

Like a container garden a standard bouquet also contains 3 main parts. The first being structure, use greenery and small accent flowers to create the backdrop. Next add thrillers, these are the show stoppers, large blossoms are best to ensure they are the most eye catching component. Finally your last step is to add fillers. Fillers are the little seed pods, buds, or smaller flowers which are placed in any holes left over.

Some suitable cutting flowers include;

Cut between the knobby bits for better absorption

You can use wire in their hollow stems for added strength

Cut them short and place in a water filled dish for a clean simple look

Remove the anthers to prevent the dust from staining surrounding material. Beware as many lilies can be toxic to cats.

A constant favourite, you can remove the outermost petals if they look a little worn

Plant in 2 week intervals April – May next season for all summer flowers

Large, colourful and densely petaled, these flowers are great filler

A fall staple for your Thanksgiving table arrangements

Daisies or Asters
A traditional country touch for an informal bouquet

Good luck! Have fun and don’t forget to share your creations on our Facebook page.

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