I like to consider myself a pretty creative person, but even I hit dry spells where it’s hard to imagine a new layout or design. As a collector (occasionally called hoarder by my husband) I try and keep myself surrounded by things that inspire me or I believe can be re-purposed in someway. You just never know when that strange old tub, or coloured glass bottles might inspire you to deliver its new destiny. That being said when building a brand new landscape at my new home I was really challenged to define my garden style. As I mentioned in my first home I inherited many plants and the garden was fairly pre-defined when I arrived. Then I moved into a new subdivision and I was starting from scratch, ground zero, or at least it looked that way, dirt bricks and general construction mess was my landscape until early June. Once the first year came and passed I began to really consider what sort of design I was looking for, what was the right style for the neighbourhood? More importantly what did I want?

Something important to consider and a huge part of any garden plan should be getting a serious understanding of plants learning a way to use them that was not only practical in the garden, but also in a way that was artistically distinctive to your unique style. Groupings of plants together build structure and help to define your look. So here’s a little exercise to help guide your hand as you prepare your own oasis.

  • Find an inspiration source. Art, Castle Gardens, Modern Sculpture, Water, all of these things can be incorporated into your space. Study your source for composition, pattern, and notable colors that appeal to you. Using these reference points to start, look for plants that reflect these features. Be expansive and – I’ve found that creating Pinterest boards is an amazing way to organize thoughts. Maybe I just like digital hoarding….
  • Narrow it down. Once you have a whole bunch of ideas sorted, start refining a plan based on bloom time. By using a succession tactic similar to what I’ve discussed in my previous veggie blog. Pick plants that will do well in your habitat that bloom at different times throughout the season to ensure consistent colour.
  • Still stumped? Call us for help with our horticultural experts I can guarantee that we can take your inspiration from page to planted. We offer full service garden design services that involve an onsite visit and a custom garden plan. We’ll even provide you with a budget so you know what your new garden will cost.­
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