Personally I think skunks and racoons are pretty cute. I am less than fond of them however when they are ripping up my lawn. Considering my previously mentioned affinity you can appreciate why I’d rather not posion them. Here are some tips that will still work to expel vermins without extiguishing them.
Chocolate Bait
Chocolate is toxic to some animals, including skunks and raccoons. Not dead toxic, just sick toxic. Put out some tempting chocolate bars and lure them to your lawn. Eating the chocolate will make them sick and when they put two and two together your yard = gross sickness they will avoid your residence in the future.
They ARE toxic, but unlikely to be eaten as they will be driven away by odour alone.
Bright Lights & Water
Motion detecting flood lights will do a lot to frighten any unwanted guests. Another option is a motion sensing water sprinkler. When a raccoon or skunk comes visiting they will get blasted with light or water, neither of which is popular with pests.
Choose an anti-raccoon and anti-skunk repellent that contains capsaicin, a natural spicy ingredient found in hot peppers. Spray all around the boundary of your home.
Good luck and remember a skunk or racoon digging up your lawn is likely looking for grubs. Removing their source of food through nematodes or other pest controls will get rid of lawn killing grubs and in turn lawn digging vermin. Do you have tricks that you use to keep wildlife off the lawn? Let us know!
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