With the recent passing of Earth Day it got me thinking about the different things we could all be doing to make the world a greener place. Resolutions are not just New Years Eve any more.

Recycle and Up-cycle

How many times have you caught yourself throwing a water bottle or plastic bag into the trash can? You’d be surprised at the amount of things are recyclable. Check out your local recycling program to see everything that can be recycled. While you’re at it, try composting too. A compost pile, container or barrel are all great options depending on the space available. Have an interesting old wheelbarrow with a missing wheel? An old broken pot? There are all kinds of amazing ways to convert items that would be otherwise diverted to landfill into neat new container gardens.

Cut The Power

There are millions of people sitting at home right now with lights on in a room that nobody is occupying. Outside of wasting of money, leaving lights, televisions, and other appliances on when they’re not actually being used is hurting the environment. Even appliances or phone chargers plugged in but not in use are drawing unnecessary power.

Collect Rain Water

Mother earth provides us with what we need in so many ways. This includes lots of water in the form of rain. Rather than letting this precious resource drain away into the soil, store excess water in a rain barrel or drum. It can be used at a later time to water when a dry spell arrives. Don’t wait, spring is one of the wettest seasons and is the perfect time to collect rain. You’ll be doing a good thing for the planet as well as your pocket book, saving on your water bill come summer time.
Switch to Organic Fertilizer and Pest Control

There are so many options available now that can make your garden an organic oasis. Whether it’s using bone meal for vegetable fertilizer, or nematodes for lawn care or even the old pick & squish for many of the garden pests that brutalize our garden. Ask your Ridgeview representative about available options for your specific concern.
Plant a Tree

There are many benefits to trees, not only do they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen they also provide shade, reducing the strain on the grid from power sucking AC units. They also provide valuable habitats and resting places for our avian friend.

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