I love backyard BBQ’s with family and friends, especially this time of year as much of what is served can picked from our vegetable garden. Putting together a successful backyard event is something Ridgeview can help with. Enhance the space by leveraging your existing patio furniture, decor and flowers to make a big impact when guests arrive.


  • Clear brush and any fallen tree debris from recent weather. Run a rake through the lawn and add a rapid fertilizer 5 days prior to your event, like a Scott’s Green Max fertilizer.
  • Clean up and touch up outdoor lawn furniture, cushions etc…
  • Clean the grill, food tastes better and cooks better on a clean grill.


  • Cut some flowers from your garden and make a table arrangement.
  • Add paper patio lanterns, coloured napkins, placemats, plates and even accent cushions, creating a tropical backyard theme is easy with bright pink and citrus tones. Everyone loves Puerta-Backyarda!


  • Throw some shade with brightly coloured patio umbrellas. Not only will they add visual interest but also provide folks refuge from the hot summer sun.
  • Create zones within the environment. Perhaps a more relaxed area with bistro style seating where you serve hors d’oeuvres or maybe a kids play area with some non-obtrusive toys.
  • If you live in an area that experiences high volumes of mosquito’s ensure to add some citronella candles or torches.


  • Buffet style is often best as people can fill their plates and find a comfortable seat, most often not at a traditional dining table.
  • Ensure to have several vegetarian options available in both hors d’oeuvres and main course, but also two types of protein (chicken or burgers with sausages is an easy go-to) to ensure all guests are considered.
  • Serve fresh from your garden! Guests are pleased to discover that the food they eat is very locally grown. Delicious and healthy, home grown food is a crowd pleaser!
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