Fall is a fabulous season, warm sweaters, delicious food, family gatherings and colourful trees are only a few of the reasons I feel this way. It’s a favourite for many and I love the excuse to infuse my home with touches of fall. Crafts using inexpensive or natural materials are a great way to add a little fall flavour to your decor. Experience has taught me that if a craft is too complex it is often abandoned for other pursuits, so I’ve kept that in mind with the following recommendations.

Pretty Pumpkins

White pumpkins look magical when decorated with brightly coloured leaves. Of course the leaves can be artificial or natural. But I think that real ones deliver a more rustic aesthetic. They would make great table toppers and if you’re feeling ambitious you can scoop out the guts and poke small holes through the pumpkin tracing the leaf pattern along the edge of the leaf pattern and voila a lovely centrepeice that will cast a romantic glow. Leaves are affixed with Mod Podge or another clear glue/sealant.


I have 2 recommendations here the first is a burlap wreath. Burlap is inexpensive and can be cut into long narrow strips then wrapped around a styrofoam wreath form. Hot glue the end and let it dry before beginning to wrap the form. Use leaves, felt flowers, pine cones and silks to decorate a bottom corner, wire and hot glue should do the trick.

The other leaf is a letter form layered in leaves. This is crazy simple and all you need is some Mod Podge and leaves. Either silk or natural will do and you simply overlap layers until you’ve achieved your desired look. Rather than a typical wreath hook I recommend tying an elaborate silk bow to hang it from the door or even an interior wall.

Leafy Mason Tea light Holders

Could not be more simple. Mod Podge, leaves and twine is all you need to create these pretty candle holders. The picture serves as instruction simply glue and glow!

Metallic Leaves

If your decor is a little more modern than rustic but you want to add a little fall whimsy these shiny leave could fit the bill. High metallic spray paint is available in most hardware or craft stores. Spray paint them on one side, make sure they are laying on newspaper or cardboard. Let the one side dry fully before flipping to paint the other side. Use them to create a garland, scatter around your centrepiece or even use as a name card.

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