If you are looking for a true taste of country come experience the Ridgeview Farm Market. Open year-round Ridgeview offers an outstanding selection of jams and honeys, fresh baked goods and of course, fresh daily free-range eggs and seasonal local produce. Our market operates inside the store off season and roadside in Summer months.

The upcoming expansion means even MORE offerings from our farm market so stay tuned and learn more on our about us page!

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Free Range Eggs

Our chickens are not housed in cages. They have the freedom to roam outdoors. Eggs are collected daily. 

  • 1 dozen (4.75)
  • 18 eggs (7.00)
  • 30 eggs (11.75)


Unpasteurized ontario honey from Charlie Bee Honey Apiaries located in Beamsville ON. Perfect to use as a natural & healthy sweetener. 

  • 375g pure honey $6.00
  • 500g buckwheat + sarrasin honey $8.00
  • 500g blueberry honey $8.00
  • 500g pure honey $7.00
  • 1kg pure honey $14
  • 2kg pure honey $28
  • 3kg pure honey pail $40

Jams & Jellies

Limited quantities until 2021 fruit market season () indicates how many are left
8 oz $6.00 Varieties available: peach(2), gooseberry (6), rhubarb (11)

8 oz $8.00 Varieties available: apricot (23), blueberry (8), sour cherry (14)

4 oz $5.00 Varieties available (4oz): triple berry (4), sour cherry (3), red currant(4)

Apples First Grade Varieties

    • 1L (quart) $4.00
    • 3L basket $7.00 
    • 4L bucket $10.00 
    • 8L bucket $15.00
    • ½ bushel $30
    • Bushel $45

Varieties available: golden delicious, red delicious, golden gala

Ontario grade A amber maple syrup

Available sizes:

    • 100ml $3.00 (8 available)
    • 250ml $9.00 (3 available)
    • 500ml $14 (3 available)
    • 1L $27 (5 available)
    • 2L $48 (3 available)

Apple Cider

Available sizes:

  • 1L $4.00
  • 2L $7.00

Homemade pies & tarts:

Our pies and tarts are homemade with our fruit that we proudly grow. Baked fresh daily. Orders are available by email or by calling 905- 945- 1713.
Due to the slower nature of the winter months, orders can be picked up on the upcoming Saturday from the date the order is placed. 

Tarts $2.50 each – Fruit tarts are topped with crumble.
Varieties available: butter tart (nuts/ raisins/ plain), apple, lemon

Other varieties include: peach, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, peach blackberry, cherry, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, apricot, lemon

Pies $12.00 each (crumble or lattice topping available)
Varieties available: Apple

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