Do you ever wonder where a day like Mother’s or Father’s Day comes from? For Father’s Day thanks can be directed to Sonora Smart Dodd, the woman who founded Father’s Day in the early 1900’s. As a widower he raised her and her four siblings alone after their mother’s passing in childbirth. Clearly this unique relationship fostered deep reverence for her father and when he passed, she felt the need to honour him and other dedicated dads with their very own day. Even with her early efforts it wouldn’t be recognized until 1972 when Dodd was 90.

Still this special day pales in comparison to Mother’s Day, with an estimated national spending near 24 billion, Father’s Day lagging by actual Billions. But a greater issue is the higher importance people give to Mother’s Day vs Father’s Day and it might come down to something entirely different. Societal norms still favour the Mother with most care and household tasks with the Children. Even today men are stereo typically expected to work outside of the home, and this creates a big divide in the recognition category.

There is, however, an emerging change in family dynamics. As household roles and income become more fluid among the genders you will begin to see Father’s Day take on more prevalence. So, get ready for some kick ass presents dad! Or maybe just socks, who knows?


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