It’s a line out of a great book and a mantra that many practice in their gardens. Wildlife Gardening is a term that refers to the creation of an environment by a gardener that serves as a sustainable habitat for native wildlife. This could include plants, birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians and even mammals. One of the nice things about a well cultivated wildlife garden is the minimal need for gardener intervention, with established biodiversity many problems and bests resolve themselves naturally as they would in the wild.

If you’re thinking of adding a more natural space into your landscape here are some tips to bring the wild into your space.

Bug Boxes
Available for many different species like ladybugs, lacewings or spiders, bug boxes bring the good bugs to control the bad.

Bird Houses & Feeders
Pretty simple concept but beyond the shelter of trees less enterprising birds will appreciate a pre-built home and source of food. In turn they too will help to control pests.

Water Features
A water feature helps draw all kinds of wildlife including bugs, birds, amphibians and other welcome small mammals that all add to the natural environment you are trying to create.

Pollinating Flowers
We constantly hear of declining bee populations and we know that bringing them back is integral to the biodiversity of our planet. Another important genus of insect are the various types of butterflies who also serve to pollinate other plants. There are many native species which draw these critical insects and should be considered when creating your wild space.

Plant Diversity
Think of the animals and insects you are hoping to draw. Some may appreciate the high canopy of a tree while others the low cover of a shrub. Mix your plant media for best results

Log & Rock Piles
Natural habitats for bugs, and toads a good pile of decomposing logs or cool mossy stones will provide great hiding places for your new wild friends.

We’d love to see photos of the wildlife that visits your garden be sure to post on our social pages!

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