Have you finished planting your garden but the feeling of incompleteness permeates your time in the space? You may need what we consider a “finishing touch” item. There are many ways to add these touches to your garden, whether it is adding a pop of colour or reflection, an element of sound, or something peculiar or whimsical.

Perhaps your garden lacks a focal point – this could already be a shrub or tree but may be an opportunity to add a fountain or statuary. Statues are available in both modern and traditional styles to suite your tastes, large or small and a variety of different media depending on the desired effect. Fountains add both visual interest, as well as the element of sound and potentially light as well.

Another great finishing touch to the garden is garden art. Beyond the aforementioned statuary, gazing balls, wall art or metal art are all great choices. Generally smaller than a statue this art can add a surprise element tucked into a corner, hung from a branch or a mosaic of stepping stones.

For height Trellis’ can also be very ornate and beautiful adding height along a fence or an obelisk as a central feature where other plant life is at a lower level. Another height enhancing feature to draw the eye up would be chimes, windsocks, garden flags or sun catchers

Serve a nature friendly purpose with your art adding colourful bird baths, feeders or houses. Finally I love to consider the view of my garden at night with solar moon lights can add a element of mystique to a garden path or string lights along the top of a pergola.

You’ll be amazed at how integrating a few small finishing touches can completely transform your garden.

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