With the move towards town home and condo living space is coming at more of a premium these days, fortunately growing your own delicious fruits and veggies need not be compromised.  Many plants do very well in containers and one of those is Strawberries. Growing them in this fashion saves many concerns, keeping them off the ground and away from pests and allowing for convenient placement near your kitchen or on a balcony. Strawberries are a very flexible plant growing well in either pots or hanging baskets.

  • Start with a loamy potting mix with good drainage and fill your chosen container
  • Consider spacing, a single plant will spread/spill about 2 ft so 1 to 2 will do well in a medium 12″ diameter container
  • Strawberries should be planted where the plant stem meets the roots  just above the surface of the soil, this part of the plant is referred to as the Crown. Be sure to spread the roots out gently and evenly then cover them up with the soil to the crown. Water them well, if the dirt settles too much add more mix so no roots are exposed.
  • Fertilize your new plants with a good liquid fertilizer, high in phosphorus every 3-4 weeks.
  • Enjoy!!


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