It would seem there is a cold snap coming, one that’s going to chill out what was a remarkably warm March. But there are some hot plants in our current flyer that can be planted soon and will bring amazing summer colour. Here’s a few of our favourites.

Myrtle’s Folly Dahlia

Dahlia’s are an awesome addition for real drama. It’s a little too tall and thin to serve as a border plant, so use them to add depth. Growing to a perfect 29” height it can add dimension when placed behind lower ground covers. Myrtle’s Folly delights with a bright combination of peach and pink. To sustain a bushier plant we recommend pinching off the first flower buds. Placed in full sun they will bloom to their full potential rewarding you with gorgeous flowers perfect for cut arrangements.

Easy Dance Lily

Lilies are a staple in the colourful garden and provide big impact through mid June and July. An Asiatic bi-colour lily, Easy Dance delivers stunning yellow petals with deep purple contrast as you get closer to the centre. They will grow reliably in either full sun or partial shade in well drained alkaline soil. At full height they will reach 29” and make a delightful cut flower. Lacking fragrance and pollen free they are a perfect flower for allergy sufferers. Bulbs should not be lifted and will bloom annually for many years.

Glamini Mix Dwarf Gladiolus

Larger glads are beautiful but sometimes their height results in a lot of additional staking as they become quite top heavy. These dwarf glads deliver the showy blossoms of their larger counterpart but at only 18” – 22” tall they are more compact with strong upright stems. The flowers remain large but their compact size means they look great in containers or even window boxes. Consider planting them at 2 week intervals to extend their flowering period through until the fall!!

Grow Tip

I can’t stress enough how important it is to feed the bulbs when planting them. Ridgeview Garden Centre carries the perfect bulb food, specially formulated to give the bulbs that boost they need at planting time. Currently we are featuring a 2 KG box of Bulb food for half price (reg $9.99) with any purchase of any package of bulbs. There’s also a full line of tools in stock and ready to rock!

It’s exciting to feel the temperatures changing and with so many dazzling new options available I can feel an epic garden on the horizon ????

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