Improve air quality

Photosynthesis is a natural process for plants where they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Like mini filtration systems each plant does it’s part to improve the surrounding air.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is caused by the amount of carbons and resulting carbon dioxide we as individuals output into the air. We produce these carbons through the consumption of fossil fuels. Driving being the number one culprit. Through growing your own veggies, herbs, fruits you are no longer driving to the store resulting in a reduced footprint. Also the reduction in carbon dioxide outlined above further reduces your impact.

Improve the Environment

Did you know plants clean the ground water? Their roots do! Intricate root systems clean the surrounding area, even beyond your garden bed. Not only this but gardens serve as habitat for a myriad of creatures that need refuge in our increasingly urban cities. Keep your garden pesticide-free and reap the benefits of an environmentally balanced garden.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our positive impacts of gardening, though we know there are many more! Do you have a great tip for being a great earth citizen?

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