Ok I admit it, I’m already missing my Garden. I finished the last tomato yesterday and had my family not been watching I was tempted to shed a tear. It was a bountiful year but the most prolific was likely my lettuce supply which is also pretty much all picked at this point. So I got to thinking I could likely grow some lettuce inside throughout the winter months to keep my greens organic and my mouth happy! Luckily it’s pretty easy to do, here’s how;

  • Find a sunny window that gets at least 5-6 hours of direct light per day if you don’t have this you will need grow lights (see section below)
  • A temperature fluctuation between 45 and 70 degrees is best so watch out for drafty areas
  • Get some tubs that are approximately 8 inches deep and fill with a good quality potting soil you can even fill the bottom with a layer of chunky gravel to help with drainage
  • Plant the seeds according to instructions, micro green varieties are best as they have shorter grow times – between 28 – 35 days to maturity
  • Allow the soil to become dry to the touch between waterings
  • If you don’t have sufficient sunlight you will need a grow light, the least expensive option is a good shop light with iridescent light bulbs. You can buy grow lights but these are much cheaper and will produce the desired result.
  • Lights should be hung 6-8 inches above the plants. It’s best to have them on a timer so you don’t have to remember to turn them on and off
  • Let it GROW, LET IT GROWWWWWW. (sorry had a Frozen moment LOL)

Good luck and happy growing!

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