I think I should preface this entry with a foreword regarding my belief that a raised vegetable garden is not necessarily a large low wooden structure. It can come in the form of an oversized planter, railing planter or even a hanging basket. There are many reasons to raise it up! Personally when I chose to build my large raised bed I was experiencing almost every one of the problems that would inspire this sort of horticulture. Having recently moved to a new subdivision my yard consisted of little more than sod and clay, not a great growing substrate. As you know clay is also terrible for drainage so this was another strike against me. There are also bunnies in my neighbourhood, lots and lots of them, cute but very destructive. So that was it; Poor Soil Quality, Poor Drainage & Pests, three of the main reasons you might want to consider a raised garden. Pets and children are another great motivator. Taller beds will keep out fido and away from the inquisitive grasp of a toddler. Add a fence or mesh railing and you’ve really protected the space. It does not need to be fancy if you’re building it on your own. Just some rot proof wood, nails and dirt/compost. A picture is worth a thousand words and here’s a great one I found online. If your garden is larger like mine (20 x12) it may be a good idea to set the posts in concrete like you would a fence. It will prevent them from shifting too much over time.

If you’re not handy you can also purchase composite pre-fabricated models. Ones like the below are easy to set up and even has a built in composter.

Space can be another concern that would lead you to choose a raised veggie bed. This is when a large container can be used, a steel drum or large fibreglass pot will do the trick.

Have you thought of other ways to raise? We’d love to see them, share your ideas on our Facebook page.

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