We are often asked about the appropriate use of landscape fabric. This is not surprising considering the counter-intuitive nature of something to prevent growth being added to a garden.

Typically landscape fabric use should be limited to:

  • Garden borders / near edging to avoid weeds and encroachment of grass
  • Underneath Landscape Stone, such as potato stone or flagstone
  • Under Mulched areas where no perennials are present

To add landscape fabric, you should adhere to the following steps:

  • Dig or pull any existing weeds
  • Rake through the soil to smooth the area, pick up any debris in the soil
  • Unroll the landscape fabric starting at one edge and working across
  • Cut the fabric using a sharp utility knife or scissors so it fits the space and ensure 12” extra in overlap areas to prevent weeds sneaking through gaps.
  • If required cut slits to accommodate existing plants
  • Smooth fabric and secure
  • Cover in mulch or landscape stone as desired