You’ve completed your garden, and created an enviable outdoor oasis. It’s a shame that night ever comes, covering all your hardwork in a shroud of darkness. The solution to this is creative and specific outdoor lighting design. Illumination can accentuate and draw attention to the various areas, features, or ornaments of your yard.

Here are several types of lighting and recommendations of placements you can consider.

1. Architectural Lighting: Lights can be strategically placed to highlight the structre of lines in the yard or garden. Consider the shadows that will be cast at night for a dramatic effect.

2. Path Lighting: Many a drink has been spilled tripping while making your way to the outdoor fire pit or the hot tub at night. Placement of path light is critical to allow people (and beverages) to pass through safely. If your path is more decorative than functional, uplighting edge plants creates a stunning effect.

3. Ambient Lighting: Depending on your chosen theme, this can really set the tone and improves the mood of your garden. Consider more decorative pieces like paper laterns, solar chandeliers or string lights. Place in or near gazebos, huts, or chair swings.

4. Spot Lighting: Self explanatory this gives focus to certain areas such as your veranda, where you can lounge around even at night. You can also place spotlights on your child’s play area or on fountains and figurines.

Poorly installed lighting is said to create outdoor light pollution so have a plan in mind, consider that at night you still may want to see the stars and too much light will cancel them from your (and your neighbours) view.

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