With the constant wet weather this season most lawns appear a healthy, gorgeous green. Except wait, what’s that? Large brown patches of dead wilting grass are beginning to appear!! Chances are you have grubs. These voracious larvae are the enemy of lawn enthusiasts everywhere. They are likely maturing to adult stage right now and will continue to cause major damage until the end of September and into October, they don’t mind cooler temperatures. As if that’ s not infuriating enough, they don’t die in the winter. They hibernate to thaw out next spring and destroy your lawn all over again. Fight grubs naturally with beneficial nematodes, naturally occurring microscopic worms that prey on grubs. What are Nematodes. Ok so basically we’re calling for worm on worm violence. Beneficial Nematodes are a naturally occurring microscopic worm. Nematodes are parasitic and kill soil dwelling insects by entering their body, poisoning them and then feeding from their insides. Pleasant right? It usually takes a couple of days to totally kill their host grub and then to complete the life cycle, they also lay their offspring in the corpse to build up next season’s nematode army. How to use Because they are a living organism you will need to keep them refrigerated until you plan to use them. Once you are ready mix them with water or use a hose end sprayer applicator. Try to apply them after a recent rain for the best penetration and don’t apply if temperature is below 15 Celsius. Simply spray them over your entire lawn area with extra focus on any damaged areas. It’s also ideal to do the treatment in the evening as the nematodes are not big fans of direct sunlight. We have nematodes in stock now so don’t wait to see if the damage will be contained or just die over winter. They’ll be back, and they’ll bring reinforcements.

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