Especially up at the cottage, low maintenance, hardy perennials are key to having the garden thrive in your absence. They’re also great for extra large gardens where individual attention can be difficult. We thought we’d recommend a few for your consideration. Remember perennials can be planted all summer and into the fall as they will come back next year. Even if you’ve missed their bloom season you can be assured of reward when they return the following season.

Fern-leaf Yarrow

Sun Loving, primarily comes in bright yellow but also available in reds and roses. Grows 35-59 inches tall, drought tolerant, deer resistant and attracts butterflies!

Artemisia (Silver Mound)

A low bushy ground cover, this plant does well in sun or shade and does not mind dry sandy soil. Use it to fill in rocky areas or as edging.


A shade lover, Astilbe has beautiful, showy flowers atop glossy, fern–like foliage. Different varieties vary in bloom size from 6 inches to 2 feet and will grow from 6 inches to 5 feet, depending on the type.

Bleeding Heart

Another perennial that would prefer the partial cover of a cottage landscape. With delicate heart shaped flowers you will enjoy these flowers through mid spring and early summer. They require little attention and each season will bring a larger more impressive plant.

Jack Frost Brunnera

I love this plant! Early spring brings delicate blue flowers but it’s the stunning silver grey foliage that lasts all season. It grows in mounds approximately 12-16” tall by 12-18” wide in full shade.


Sun loving and fast spreading, if you want low maintenance these are an old standby. Stick with re-blooming varieties as some day-lilies have very short seasons and as their name implies they bloom for only 1 day at a time. Stella D’oro are a very popular variety that bring yellow blooms all summer long.

Garden Phlox

Unlike the spring phlox we use as borders, Garden phlox grows 3-4′ tall and has large clusters of flowers atop each stem. They prefer dry areas with low humidity and will put on the best show if deadheaded throughout bloom time.

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