It’s Spring and we’re wildly dreaming of all our landscape opportunities, but today I come to you with one discussion topic; Maximizing your Landscape. Not everyone is blessed with acres of space and this means we need to work with what we have. So what do you do if you a little spaces but a lot of garden desires? Here are some tips to help you maximize you little slice of paradise.

Maintenance & Levels

When designing new beds consider the mature size of each plant. Use taller, easy maintenance plants as background, such as evergreen shrubs that require minimal pruning. Tall flowering perennials can be the next level and smaller annuals that can be easily added and changed each year score front row.

Add a variety of Color & Texture

Colour is key in any space and a variety of complementary colours will enhance the overall appearance of your garden. The other key is timing the display of colour throughout the seasons. For the best design, something should always be attractive in a bed year-round, whether it’s bulbs in early spring, flowering shrubs and annuals in summer, gorgeous fall color, or colorful or picturesque stems in winter.

Add space with Container Gardens

Raised garden beds can add space and will often help make up for less that ideal soil conditions since you need to add soil to bring the ground up to height. The same is true for container gardens which can be added in places where a traditional bed may not be possible. There are so many types of flowers, vegetables and fruits that can successfully be grown in containers it’s a shame not to add at least one to your space.

Be Inspired & Plan

Take a relaxing walk around your neighborhood, see what appeals to you and take notes or even pictures, camera phones are great! Ask yourself what it is about the landscapes you like and why they appeal to you. Or meet with a professional and have a professional design done. We have experienced Horticulturalists on staff ready and waiting to help you. Either way a drawing will always help, measure the space you have and sketch out a plan. Consider things like sun exposure or perhaps features you want to hide such as a gas or hydro meter.

Most of all HAVE FUN! Gardens are as unique as the people who cultivate them so infuse your personal style.

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