Let’s be honest for minute. Mom’s are the best! They take care of us, feed us and clothe us, ensure our noses are clean… you get the picture. Then later in life when we grow up and have our own children we appreciate them even more. My mother made entertaining look effortless, nice china, silverware, appetizers and cocktails for all. This has made me a bit of stickler for presentation, and every dinner party I throw is better for it. With this in mind, today I’d like to talk about BRUNCH! OH BRUNCH! It’s the perfect excuse to drink champagne before noon and chocolate with fruit, under the guise of breakfast food. Brunch is a fabulous meal to serve Mom on Mothers day or even to celebrate with other Mom friends. Read my tips below on how to impress even the most discerning guests.

Set the Table

Ok so we know the order of the forks and the placement on each side but there is SO much more to a properly set table.

  • Start with a clean and simple table cloth, it’s an instant facelift to existing furniture.  
  • Design your buffet service. If you don’t happen to have a lovely set of bone china (because who does in this day and age?) I recommend pulling together a collage of pretty. What I mean by this is search about for that serving plate that sets the mood and follow the trend. Garage sales, antique markets and thrift shops will often have unique finds you can build from. With a few strong colourful pieces you can accent with simple white plates and chargers from the dollar store. Brunch is better buffet style so you’ll want lots of large pieces of varying sizes and shapes. Lay them out the night before and plan what will go on each. I post-it-note each plate to help visualize what will be there and organize the table accordingly. 
  • Consider where floral arrangements or other centrepieces should be. A fresh bouquet or two will brighten any table. Tulips, Hydrangeas and Daffodils are in season and are so cheery. Bonus Mom can take the bouquet home to enjoy later!

Do this the night before to give yourself a head start.

Plan the Menu & Prep

I’ve lumped these together but the menu planning should happen at least 1 day in advance to give yourself time to shop. Brunch is fabulous because even though it’s early it can easily end in dessert! I like to plan the way I would a dinner. Be sure to do chopping the night before, and many items can be fully prepared and stored overnight.


  • Next is the Main Course, I’m a sucker for Eggs Benny but a Quiche or Waffles are other great options too. It should be something a bit next level so it’s not just a typical breakfast offering. A few more recipes to share:


  • Complement with a variety of cut fruit & berries, croissants, cheeses, mini danishes or scones:
  • Finish with a breakfast dessert. Yes that’s right – Breakfast DESSERT! Chocolate covered strawberries, vanilla yogurt with berries and granola, carrot cake with cream cheese icing! All of these are an ideal coup de grace to your Brunch Buffet extraordinaire.
  • For beverages, coffee, tea, juice and mimosa’s should all be offered. https://www.xokatierosario.com/9-mimosas-thatll-take-brunch-to-the-next-level/

Check out our Mother’s Day Pinterest Page for more great ideas


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