Even the most fervent raking and cleaning will still leave behind the fallen leaves from last year’s planting. I must admit that rather than pick each branch and leaf, I often resort to a nice clean layer of mulch over my entire garden bed. It creates such a nice, clean look and beyond the aesthetic there are so many good reasons to mulch your garden beds.

A good layer of Mulch in Spring will:

  • Control weeds
  • Enrich soil nutrients
  • Retain moisture
  • Insulate plants from freeze and heavy rains
  • Add visual appeal

Mulches are typically sold by the cubic foot, so you will want to know the number of cubic feet of mulch to buy. Initially you must measure the square footage of the area you want to cover. We recommend a layer of approximately 3-4 inches for cedar mulch.

Multiply the square footage of your area to be mulched by the number of inches, then divide that number by 12, as a cubic foot of mulch will cover 12-square feet with about 1-inch of mulch.

Drop bags (or wheelbarrows) into a central area in the garden and spread with a rake to reach the desired thickness.

And Voila! Enjoy a low maintenance garden for the rest of the season.

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