Cedar hedges are one of the best ways to enhance your garden views, add a buffer to a building or provide privacy for outdoor living. When planning to add a hedge to your property be sure to consider the type of cedar, in Central Canada the native White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is the go to choice for growing a healthy hedge. It is also important to take into consideration the optimal location of your new hedge, keeping in mind it is going to need approximately 2-4 feet in width and lots of sunlight to grow thick and lush. Also be sure to plant the hedge at least two feet from any buildings, obstacles or property lines and follow these simple steps for a hedge that will last a lifetime!


After determining an area for your new hedge and allowing a 4 foot berth, set up a string line in the centre of this area, from where the hedge will begin to where the hedge will end. If the hedge must curve at all the sure to lay out in the desired curve.


Dig a 1.5 feet wide by 1 foot deep trench along the marked line. Fill the trench about 3 inches with a good quality triple mix, containing lots of peat moss and compost as well as a bit of cedar hedge fertilizer.


Evenly space your cedars in the trench approximately 1-1.5 feet apart from one root ball to the next. When complete fill your trench using the soil that you removed to dig the trench along with 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 compost to add additional nutrients to the soil.


For the next 2-4 weeks it is extremely important to water the new hedge daily. The easiest way to do this is to use a soaker hose and leave it on for 2 hours in the evening for maximum absorption of moisture into the soil. About one year after planting the hedge it should be given a light trim to get encourage growth and get the shape started. Once your desired height is achieved trim to the same spot each year.
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