Annual flowers are an ideal way to add a splash of colour to your garden all summer long as they will bloom throughout the season and are available in bright vibrant colours. In order to keep them blooming as much as possible, it is always important to choose the right location for planting, water well and feed often and keep them groomed. Follow these simply tips for annuals that will be the envy of neighbours, friends and family!

The Right Location
Although most annuals thrive in full sun, some do perform best in partial shade so keep an eye on how your plants are thriving or surviving throughout the season. Containers of course can be easily moved, but if planted in a garden bed make notes for next year, as annuals in the right spot will flourish and offer intense colour, texture and beauty for the entire season.

Water Well
Annuals generally don’t have deep root systems so it is important to water the plant whenever the soil feels dry about one inch below the surface. Even drought-tolerant annuals will bloom better if they get regular watering. Plan to give them a good, deep soaking each morning as this will prepare them to handle the afternoon sun. By high summer, you may also need to water in evenings as well.

Feed Often
Annuals expend a lot of energy budding and blooming all season long so even if the plants are in soil rich in organic matter, it is essential to feed them every three to six weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer. Even more important when you have had a very heavy rainfall or an unusually long rainy period, as what was there has likely washed away and an extra dose of fertilizer will help your plants rebound.

Groom Regularly
Deadhead the plants often, removing faded flowers and don’t let seed pods form. If leaves will become crisp and dry from heat don’t be afraid to cut these off and prune the plants back to healthy leaves as they will regrow quickly.

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