Despite that layer of snow that has covered our lawns recently there IS a lawn under there aching to come out. We need to ensure that this turf gets the care it needs to deliver a lush green lawn throughout the summer months. One critical element in treating a sparse or damaged lawn is over seeding

Over seeding is the technique of adding new seed over an existing lawn to both fill in bare areas and provide more thickness. A thick lawn crowds out weeds, and nobody likes weeds.

Proper technique is key so you don’t waste grass seed, and only need to do one application in the spring. (Though a second fall overseed, never hurt anyone!) A well done over seed is the most valuable thing you can do to improve the overall quality of your lawn.

Step One – The Right Seed for The Job

Choose a high quality grass seed mix, keeping in mind that the amount of sun exposure as it is the most important factor when choosing the right blend. There’s multi-purpose seeds, such as a Sun and Shade Mix but there’s also specific seeds for full sun, shade, heat or drought. As your Ridgeview representative for the right recommendation.

Step 2 – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Mow the lawn very short, this will allows the seed to come into contact with the soil when you spread it. In hard bare areas, or spots where the grass has been damaged by dog urine you can also consider adding a thin layer of new soil to help the grass adhere to the ground.

Step 3 – A Great Spread

A small hand held spreader will work for many lawns but in the case of a large space a walking spreader may be the best choice. Be sure to set your spreader to the setting listed on the bag of grass seed. Consider adding a grass seed starter fertilizer, spreading the same way, immediately after seeding. This will help the new seed grow faster and thicker.

Step 4 – Water, Water Everywhere

Regular waterings will be critical to the success of your lawn. Frequent light waterings are key, too much water will cause the seeds to dislodge and float into pools. A light misting 2x per day is best.

Step 5 – Keep Off the Grass

It’s hard when you have pets and children but is of paramount importance when trying to get new seed to catch. Reduce traffic of the lawn until the grass has grown to a mowing height.

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