Do you live in a townhome or condo? Dreaming of a garden all your own? Don’t despair there are options for even the smallest spaces. Micro-gardening is actually a growing (ha ha) trend

Vertical Garden
Add greenery with a garden tower. These nifty planters have holes or pockets where you can plant individual flowers or vegetables. They don’t have a ton of room generally so keep this in mind when choosing your plants.
Gutter Gardens
You wouldn’t think of gutters as an attractive option but boy would you be wrong!! Mount a traditional gutter along a wall or fence, as many as you’d like, choose a colour which coordinates with your exterior. Fill with dirt and… Voila! Instant garden, no ground required.
Planters or Containers
Tried and true you can grow pretty much anything depending on the size of your pot. Just remember (like all the methods above) to use a quality potting soil and ensure proper drainage.
Stacked Pallet Planters
Though they aren’t the most beautiful they are highly functional for vegetables. You can stack them at different heights to maximize space. Close the bottom with a piece of MDF the length and width of your pallet, then close off then ends with 2 more smaller pieces. The slats become built in garden rows!


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