Spring has finally arrived and the desire to fill up our outdoor containers with pops of colour and greenery is at a level 1000. After a long dreary winter, it is exciting to see things begin to grow again, albeit not fast enough!

Here are tips for some cold hardy planters. Most can take a light frost, just keep in mind no plant enjoys long periods of freezing so if we get a long stretch (or snow!!) try to move them indoors.

When you are shopping for flowering plants to fill your spring containers look for plants in 4”-6” pots, already in bud. Combine them in one container and you’re set for weeks of color.

I like to start with the tallest element and build around it. This time of year it’s great to add height with birch logs, synthetic forsythia or pussy willow branches.

Use plants of varying heights and leaf width to fill the planter, there aren’t many trailing plants available yet this year, but many Ivy’s are cold hardy if you can get your hands on some. Larger broadleaf plants like hydrangeas look beautiful in Spring containers but you’ll need to consider bringing them indoors on colder nights. Tulips, Daffodils & Hyacinth can be planted and remain outdoors as they are significantly more cold hardy than the romantic beauties, Ranunculus, they add such delicate colour to your Spring containers.  I like to do smaller table top containers with Ranunculus and Primula so that I can bring them indoors if needed.

Happy planting!

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