The first thing to do is select your container, resin, terracotta or clay there a limitless options available both in aesthetic and size. We do recommend that you place the container where you are planning to display it as once all the dirt and plants are in it will be heavy. Consider the exposure of the location of your pot as this will affect your plant choices. Keep in mind your container needs good drainage, some pots have a drainage system and almost all have at the very least a hole. To enhance drainage it’s a good idea to add 2-3 inches of clear gravel to the bottom of the pot beneath the dirt.

Purchase a good quality potting soil, don’t just grab the cheap dollar bags available at the grocery store. Potting soil is less dense than regular garden soil, again this assists with proper drainage. Not to harp on the point but plants will drown, then all your effort is for not. Next pick a colour scheme, it’s really about personal taste, monochromatic or colourful there is no wrong answer. So now it’s time to pick your plants follow the principle of thrill, fill and spill.

The THRILL is a unique, eye-catching plant—most often it will have some height to it. It should be the showpiece of your container. You can choose to focus on foliage, color, or texture. Good thrill plants include fountaingrass, lavender, caladium, or salvia.

The FILL, is pretty self explanatory, these are the plants to fill out any remaining space in the container. These are shorter plants so as to not take away from the height of the thriller. This is also where you should add colour. Annual flowers like petunias, begonias, aster, impatiens, lemon drops, or coral bells work very well as filler material.

The final component of creating a great container garden is adding plants that SPILL over the edges. You can add more colour to complement the existing colours of the container or you can use vining plants that focus more on foliage. Spilling plants include lobelia, million bells, bacopa, wave petunias, sweet potato vine, or an ivy.

TADAAAA!!! You now have a brag worthy and original container garden.

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