Attracting Beneficial Bugs

Bringing butterflies to your garden 

With Monarch butterflies nearing the endangered species list it’s so important to help these valuable pollinators find a safe haven. Besides their obvious beauty butterflies hold an important place in our ecosystem so let’s discuss some great ways to bring these babies home! 1. No more pesticides.  Malathion, Sevin, and diazinon, are all deadly to butterflies.There a many natural pest control methods available – talk to a Ridgeview representative about your options. 2. Grow native […]

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Attracting Beneficial Insects

Insects get a lot of bad PR but there are all kinds of good bugs crawling around there. The key is attracting these good ones to assist in the organic enhancement of your garden. One of the first and most obvious ways to keep beneficial bugs in your garden is to avoid the use of the chemicals. Another key way is by using specific plants to attract specific bugs. This week we’d like to review

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