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Planting Native Species Trees

It’s a growing trend among gardeners and landscapers to plant native species. There are many reasons for this, it could be considered part of the larger “green” movement and be the product of a desire to sustain local biodiversity, reducing human impact on the natural environment. In addition to this there is a simpler reason as to why growing native plants is gaining popularity, people have come to the realization that these species are more

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Growing Strawberries in a Pot

With the move towards town home and condo living space is coming at more of a premium these days, fortunately growing your own delicious fruits and veggies need not be compromised.  Many plants do very well in containers and one of those is Strawberries. Growing them in this fashion saves many concerns, keeping them off the ground and away from pests and allowing for convenient placement near your kitchen or on a balcony. Strawberries are

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Creating a Meditation Garden

Meditation has been proven to improve quality of life so it only makes sense to do so amidst the other life improving past time of gardening.  In fact it is said that Meditation can Reduce stress Improve concentration Increase self-awareness Increase happiness Slows AGING!! Benefits cardiovascular and immune health. Create a perfect meditation space in your landscape with these steps. Decide on a location with minimal noise or interference, it’s hard to clear your mind

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Building a Grape Vine Wreath

This time of year always gets my crafty side twitching. With so many holiday decor items to create, the level of exterior and interior decoration is really unmatched by any other season. One of my favourite things to create are Holiday Wreaths. Often I will use all natural boughs but recently I’ve developed an affinity for grape vine wreaths with artificial boughs as their shelf life will extend well beyond a single season. Don’t get

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