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Extending Summer Bloom Time

It’s sad to see certain flower bloom times come and go, with heavy summer heat coming in fast it often seems too soon. There are certain things we can do to in our gardens to ensure to get maximum endurance from our flowering plants. Deadheading Off with their HEADS!! The queen of hearts had it right with this cry. Perhaps she was also talking about her famous rose garden. Most flowering annuals and many perennials […]

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Summer Lawn Care

With the end of June fast approaching summer’s heat has begun to descend upon us. The rainy days of April and May are fading to a distant memory. Your lawn is probably still revelling in it’s spring time glory, but a swift decline could occur without proper maintenance. With heat, back yard parties, kids and dogs running all over your yard it can really take a toll. Some basic care will ensure it looks glorious

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Shade Gardens

Shade gardens are planted and grown in areas with little or no direct sunlight. Shade gardens may occur naturally or by design under trees, as well as on the side of buildings or fences. This style of garden presents certain challenges, in part because only certain plants are able to grow in shady conditions and otherwise there is direct competition for sunlight. For guidance on selecting shade tolerant plants visit the Ridgeview Garden Centre and

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Structure of a Container Garden

The first thing to do is select your container, resin, terracotta or clay there a limitless options available both in aesthetic and size. We do recommend that you place the container where you are planning to display it as once all the dirt and plants are in it will be heavy. Consider the exposure of the location of your pot as this will affect your plant choices. Keep in mind your container needs good drainage,

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Ferns Make Shady Friends

Ferns may look delicate but they can be pretty hardy.  Many ferns, including evergreen types, are  tough plants, and most are highly adaptable, they thrive in average soil and in shady conditions. These primitive plants have been around for a good 350 million years and don’t really need our attention at all, thank you very much! Just ensure to select the right fern for the right spot, the way mother nature organizes her garden. We

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