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What’s Bugging You? Blossom End Rot

A dark sunken or water-soaked spot at the bottom of a tomato is the classic symptom of blossom-end rot. This relatively common garden problem has been especially prevalent this year. The problem itself is is not a disease, but a calcium deficiency within the plant. It can also appear in pepper, squash, cucumber and melon type fruits. The reason for this seasons overwhelming appearance on blossom-end rot is due in most part to the incredibly […]

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Inviting Birds to your Garden

As the winter season approaches (yes it’s coming) we will see our feathered will fly south but many will stay through the cold winter months. They will appreciate the occasional snack from a feeder placed strategically in your garden but just as important are other needs such as water and shelter. Here are some tips to ensure avian success. Trees and shrubs have a lot of different values – as nesting sites, insect (food) hiding

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