Care of Roses

Proper Care of Roses

Roses, the poetic muse of many can be a delightful long flowering staple in any sunny garden bed. There are countless varieties of roses and depending on your type of soil and purpose in adding them to your garden there will be one that is just right. It’s best to review with Ridgeview in advance of planting a rose bush to ensure the plants success. But let’s assume this has already occurred and you are […]

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The Importance of Fall Mulching

We all appreciate the aesthetic value of a nice mulch in a garden bed, but there are far more important reasons for adding a layer as the temperatures begin to drop. One of the most obvious reasons is related to the chilly winter ahead, in soil temperature retention. Many Canadian perennials are fairly hardy and will survive the deep freeze, but many won’t. Especially if it’s the first year for the plant or if it

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