Proper Poinsettia Pampering

Poinsettia’s are undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday plants with thousands finding their way home over the month of December. It’s tragic when these Christmas Blooms don’t survive until the New Year so here’s a few tips to keep them fresh and green into 2019 Purchase and Transport When purchasing a Poinsettia flip the leaves over, ensure consistent green colour with no spots or yellowing. Keep an eye out for insect damage as well. …

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Lawn Care & Spot Repair

This week we’re going to talk about lawn repair. It’s been damp this spring and the weeds are in full effect so weed control may have left empty patches in your lawn, or perhaps you have a pooch leaving his mark, or maybe the neighbour’s pooch….. Either way it’s time to fix it! Out with the old The first step in lawn repair is clearing away the dead grass and getting rid of any little …

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Spring Bulb Care

With any luck you are starting to see the telltale sign of little green leaves pushing their way through the surface of your garden. Assuming you planted some tulip, daffodil or crocus bulbs last fall it’a about the time for them to make their appearance. It has been pretty cold recently so depending on the exposure of the plant bed it may be a slow intro. That being said if you’re like me you keep …

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Vacation Garden

Take Steps to Keep Your Garden Going While You’re Gone The kids are out of school and it’s officially vacation time! Summer is here with trips to the cottage, visiting family and camping. But what does this mean for your garden as you leave days on end? With the warmer dryer temperatures (hopefully) upon us it can mean that your garden experiences desert-like conditions while you are away. Further, pests can quickly take hold without …

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Lawn Care & Spot Repair

This winter has been tough on lawns and with the recent warm weather we’ve all started spending more time outdoors. If you have a dog you might be dealing with large, dead, yellow patches. Or, perhaps the yard was damaged by the vicious cold and never ending piles of snow. Even salt and gravel ploughed onto the lawn by passing ploughs can wreak havoc on your turf. This week we’re going to talk about repairing damaged …

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